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Doodle Jump


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Doodle Jump is not just any mobile game; it’s an addictive experience that has captured the hearts of millions. Join “The Doodler” on a thrilling journey as they bounce from platform to platform, aiming to reach new heights while avoiding obstacles and enemies.

Easy Controls, Endless Fun

The controls in Doodle Jump are designed to be simple and intuitive. Tilt your device or touch the screen to guide the Doodler in the desired direction. Once you land on a platform, the Doodler automatically bounces, making it even easier to progress.

Master the Art of Ascending

To conquer the skies in Doodle Jump, follow these steps:

  1. Start the Game: Launch the game on your mobile device and get ready for an exciting adventure.

  2. Bounce on Platforms: Tilt your device or touch the screen to control the Doodler’s movement. Bounce on platforms to ascend higher and higher.

  3. Avoid Obstacles: Watch out for menacing monsters, treacherous black holes, and unpredictable moving platforms. Colliding with these obstacles will bring your journey to an abrupt end.

  4. Collect Power-ups: Discover helpful power-ups like jetpacks, springs, and propeller hats. These will give you an extra boost to reach new heights.

  5. High Scores: Challenge yourself to beat your own high scores. As you improve, set new records and soar to greater heights.

Available on Multiple Platforms

Doodle Jump is not limited to one platform; it’s available for everyone to enjoy. You can find it on:

  • iOS (App Store)
  • Android (Google Play Store)
  • Other mobile platforms

Created by Lima Sky

Developed by the talented minds at Lima Sky, Doodle Jump is a testament to their dedication and creativity. Lima Sky is an independent game development studio known for crafting engaging and accessible mobile games.

A Phenomenon in the Gaming Industry

Since its release, Doodle Jump has taken the gaming world by storm. Its addictive gameplay and charming graphics have earned it widespread acclaim and a massive player base. It is widely regarded as one of the early breakout hits in the mobile gaming industry.

Embark on an adventure like no other with Doodle Jump. Join Monkey Mart in experiencing the excitement and thrill of reaching new heights. Download Doodle Jump now and let your imagination soar!